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Coastal Athletics Facility

Our Coastal Athletics Facility is the perfect location for training and developing young athletes.  The property consists of an 8,000 sq. ft. indoor batting facility, an outdoor baseball training field and a large open field for conditioning training.  Our facility features four indoor cages, one outdoor cage, and an outdoor bullpen. Three of our cages feature pitching mounds with two set up for a full 60-foot distance! Two of the four indoor cages are also equipped with ProBatter technology, which projects a pitcher on a screen for batters to hit off.  Our coaches can control the speed, direction, and it throws up to 8 different pitches for our specialized lessons. 


Along with the ProBatter technology, our main indoor cage also features HitTrax technology.  HitTrax allows our players to see exit velocity, launch angle, which side of the field they hit it to, whether it'd be a hit and much more.  You're able to select which MLB field you want to simulate hitting on and can even play full games through HitTrax.  Teams select their team names, roster and which ballpark they want to play on; then it's game time! With the ProBatter pitching and HitTrax tracking where the ball will end up, games are easily played and are a lot of fun.  Contact us to either join one of our HitTrax leagues or invite friends to finally settle who's the best hitter of the group!

Call to set up Team Practices or Cage rentals

Rates listed below

Cage Rentals

Cage with Iron Mike Pitching Machine 

$35.00/hr      Max of 4 players ~(more than  4 players see Team Practice Rate)


Cage with Screens, Tees, Mound only

$20 / hour max of 4 players. ~(more than 4 players see Team Practice rate)


Team Practice

Receive the advantage of an instructor at your practices!

  • 2 cages
  • Pitching machine
  • Mound
  • Tees
  •  Pro-batter machine
  • 1 instructor

$100.00 (per hour)
(5-12 players)

For this rate, our assigned instructor will help facilitate and run a team practice with different drills and stations for your players. 

Team Practice (without CA instructor)

  • 2 cages
  • Pitching machine
  •  Tees

$70.00 (per hour)
(5-15 players)

For this rate, teams may hold a practice in our cages. We ask there to be atleast one coach/helper per 5 kids for safety reasons